EV向けもon the tableって? ニュースで学ぶ仕事英語デイビッド・セイン(39)


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Toyota paves the way to produce batteries in its new plant, taking on major players in US EV market
米EV市場、大手攻略へ トヨタは電池新工場で自前に活路
Toyota Motor announced on the 18th that it laid out plans to build a new plant for automotive batteries in the US in cooperation with Toyota Tsusho, one of its group companies. On the same day, Europe's Stellantis also announced plans to produce batteries for electric vehicles (EVs) in North America with South Korea’s LG Energy Solution. In the US, where EV adoption is expanding, major automakers have come out with strategies. Variations in investment amounts and alliance strategies are noticeable, indicating a sense of uncertainty about the future of EV demand.
Toyota plans to invest 3.4 billion dollars (about 380 billion yen) in battery production in the US by 2030. The first phase involves a 1.29 billion dollar investment in a new lithium-ion battery plant in collaboration with Toyota Tsusho. Initially, the company will produce batteries for hybrid vehicles (HVs), but EV battery production is also on the table in anticipation of EV production in the US.
(LissN 2021年11月2日配信)

【Words and Phrases】
lay out a plan 計画を打ち出す
automotive battery 車載電池
in cooperation with… 〜と組んで
noticeable 目立つ
uncertainty 迷い 疑念
lithium-ion battery リチウムイオン電池
on the table 視野に入れる 検討する
on the table...に注目してみよう!