under pressureってどんな状況? ニュース英語を深掘りデイビッド・セイン(1)pressure


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Large hospitals to accept more coronavirus patients, sharing responsibilities with private hospitals:
大病院、コロナ受け入れ増 民間含め役割分担


On the 20th, six medical organizations, including the Japan Medical Association (JMA), began talks on strengthening cooperation among hospitals, which has been delayed, in order to secure more hospital beds for the novel coronavirus infection. Large hospitals will accept more patients, and better divide their roles with small and medium-sized hospitals dealing with recovering patients and other illnesses. If the response is delayed, the medical system may become increasingly strained.
Even though infections are spreading rapidly again in Japan, the number of patients is still relatively low among developed countries. There is also a large number of hospital beds relative to the population. Even so, health care is under pressure, against the backdrop of an inefficient medical system.
(LissN 2021年2月3日配信)
【Words and Phrases】
strengthening 強める
novel coronavirus infection 新型コロナ感染
relatively 比較的
hospital bed 病床
backdrop 背景に
under pressure 逼迫して、圧力がかかって
inefficient 不十分
under pressureに注目してみよう!