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Basel Committee considers regulating banks' Bitcoin holdings
銀行のビットコイン保有を規制 バーゼル委が検討
On the 10th, the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision, which consults on international rules for financial institutions, announced a proposal to regulate holdings of crypto assets (virtual currencies) such as Bitcoin by banks. The proposal would require a large increase in capital in accordance with the amount of cryptocurrency held, and, if actually introduced, it would be difficult for banks to do things like invest in cryptocurrency. There is increasing caution among authorities in each nation about the growing presence of cryptocurrencies.
The Basel Committee has put together a draft regulation because it believes that the expansion of cryptocurrencies and related financial services “may raise concerns about financial stability and increase risks to the banking system.” Banks' holdings of cryptocurrency are currently limited, but the committee has decided that for financial supervision, new “conservative” rules need to be put in place.
(LissN 2021年6月24日配信)

【Words and Phrases】
regulate 規制する
crypto assets 暗号資産
capital 資本
cryptocurrency 仮想通貨
growing presence of 存在感を強める
financial stability 金融の安定性
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