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Asian hits of 2021 include China’s home-grown products and South Korea’s Squid Game
アジアのヒット2021 中国「華流」、韓国「イカゲーム」
The Nikkei has compiled products and services trending in 2021 for 11 Asian countries and regions. As travel restrictions continued for the second year following the spread of COVID infections, it was good timing to take a fresh look at one’s own country, leading to the growth of "local consumption" such as sightseeing in nearby areas and domestic products. In China, Chinese-made cosmetics brands blossomed, and in South Korea, the online drama series Squid Game became a big hit.
One of Malaysia’s leading beach resort areas is Langkawi. Foreign tourists stopped visiting due to travel restrictions associated with COVID, leaving hotels and tourist attractions continuously empty.
The savior of these islands in crisis has been local guests. After beginning to accept vaccinated domestic travelers in mid-September, nearly 90,000 people visited in the first month, quickly reviving the local economy.
(LissN 2022年1月10日配信)

【Words and Phrases】
travel restrictions 渡航制限
take a fresh look at 〜を見直す
local consumption 地元消費
become a big hit 大ヒットする
savior 救世主
vaccinated (ワクチン)接種済みの
revive 息を吹き返す 
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