leverageは金融以外でも便利 ニュース頻出の仕事英語デイビッド・セイン(32)


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Investment funds shift to Buffett style, acquiring insurance companies one after another
投資ファンド、バフェット流に軸足 相次ぎ保険会社買収

Major US investment funds such as Blackstone and KKR have been buying up insurance companies one after another. Unhampered by the traditional investment cycle of increasing the value of a company after acquisition and selling it a few years later, they aim to earn insurance premium income and assets over the long term, leading to stable growth that is less susceptible to market conditions. They are shifting their focus to the management style of Berkshire Hathaway, led by Warren Buffett, which has been expanding its business by leveraging the insurance premiums of the insurance companies under its umbrella.
In July, Blackstone announced that it would acquire a 9.9% stake in the life insurance and pension business of insurance giant AIG. At the same time, it will take on up to 92 billion dollars of AIG’s assets under management. CEO Stephen Schwarzman expressed his hopes for the expansion of fee revenue and long-term assets, saying, “With the acquisition of AIG’s asset management channel, we have entered a new phase of growth.”
(LissN 2021年9月14日配信)

【Words and Phrases】
major 大手の 有力な
unhampered とらわれない 妨げられない
acquisition 買収
susceptible 左右されやすい 影響を受けやすい
leverage 〜をてこに 〜を活用する
asset 資産