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Prime Minister declares financial income tax revision as “one option to consider”
金融所得課税見直し「選択肢の一つ」 首相が検討明言
Prime Minister Fumio Kishida at a press conference on the 4th indicated his intention to tweak financial income tax. “I brought it up (in the LDP presidential election) as one option,” he stated. They will consider a uniform tax hike from the current 20% to raise tax revenue for distribution to middle to low income earners. Kishida indicated his intention to move forward with discussions and to establish a “committee to realize a new kind of capitalism.”
The Prime Minister emphasized, “We want to create a virtuous cycle of ‘growth and distribution.’ Various policies will be required to make distribution concrete.” He also suggested, “As one of them, it may be necessary to consider financial income tax in terms of the 100 million yen barrier.”
(LissN 2021年10月17日配信)

【Words and Phrases】
press conference 記者会見
tweak 見直す 調整する
uniform 一律
tax revenue 税収
capitalism 資本主義
virtuous cycle 好循環
barrier 壁 バリア
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