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Masks again being required at US theaters and events, as a combination effort with vaccinations
米の劇場やイベント、マスク再び ワクチンと両輪

There is a growing movement to again require masks to be worn at theaters and event venues in the US. This is because infections of the Indian variant (Delta variant) of the novel coronavirus have spread. There are many people who dislike wearing masks, and trial and error is ongoing.
The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) updated its recommendations on wearing masks in late July, advising that even fully-vaccinated people wear masks indoors in public places in areas with high infection rates. It overturned its May position that fully-vaccinated people did not need masks. At this point, six states, including Hawaii, Louisiana and Nevada, have reintroduced compulsory wearing of masks.
In Los Angeles, California, a mask is required to participate in outdoor sporting events and concerts that are attended by 10,000 people or more, even for people who are fully vaccinated.
(LissN 2021年9月6日配信)

【Words and Phrases】
event venue イベント会場
variant 変異型
trial and error 試行錯誤
recommendation 勧告
fully-vaccinated people (2回目の)ワクチン接種者
reintroduced 再導入する
compulsory 義務
trial and error ...に注目してみよう!