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US administration appoints advocate for Big Tech antitrust regulation Khan as FTC chair
米政権、FTC委員長にカーン氏 巨大IT規制派
Ahead of Biden's appointment, the Senate (100-member body) approved the personnel proposal for Khan to serve as FTC Commissioner, with 69 votes in favor and 28 votes against, on the same day. In addition to all attending members of the ruling Democratic Party, 21 members of the opposition Republican Party voted in favor. Khan took the oath of office and became a member of the committee.
The term for Khan's seat will run until September 2024. According to US media, she is the youngest person to hold the post of FTC Commissioner or chair.
In 2017, Khan drew attention for her paper that criticized the competitive issues of Amazon.com, which is moving to price below-cost. She helped write the House Judiciary Committee's investigative report of 2020 that identified antitrust violations by Google, Apple, Facebook, and Amazon.
(LissN 2021年6月29日配信)

【Words and Phrases】
administration 政権
ahead of ~に先立ち
vote 票
term 任期
draw attention 注目を集める
competitive 競争の
antitrust violations 独禁法違反
draw attention ...に注目してみよう!